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Philip Lewin Quartet

Original Compositions recorded with my new Quartet in 2021

Line Up:

Ben Fitzpatrick - Tenor Sax

Massimo Imperatore - Guitar

Giacomo Camiletti - Drums

Philip Lewin - Bass

Philip Lewin Quartet

This is some original music as well as two covers that I recorded with my Quartet in February 2018

Line Up:

Paolo Petrecca - Trumpet

Andrea Leone - Tenor Sax

Rodrigo Ballesteros - Drums

Philip Lewin - Bass

Philip Lewin Trio

Modern "Straight-Ahead" Piano Trio with intricate and yet heavily swinging arrangements of Standards as well as Originals. All in the tradition of great Bass-led Trios.


Raul Santana - Piano

Sander Smeets - Drums

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